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Bottles made from recycled bottles

All our small bottles in France (33cl, 40cl, 50cl and 75cl)
are now manufactured from old bottles, sorted and recycled.

Packaging plays a key role in preserving and protecting our water. It brings you natural Evian mineral water as nature intended: pure and 100% natural.

But the plastic in our bottles poses an environmental problem if it is dumped in nature. That’s why we are investing and taking action to find sustainable solutions to limit our environmental impact.


100% of our small format bottles in France made from recycled materials.

Since 2020, all small Evian bottles (33cl, 40cl, 50cl and 75cl) in France have been manufactured entirely from old, sorted and recycled bottles. This is another step towards the widespread use of recycled plastic (rPET) for our entire range. This ambition will involve not only increasing the use of recycled materials, but also diversifying the packaging materials used, in particular glass, cardboard or cans. Through our research and innovation initiatives, 70% of Evian formats in France are now made from 100% recycled plastic* (rPET) and are still 100% recyclable.

*excluding label and cap, but we’re working on it!

A goal: the circular economy

Traditional bottling systems are mainly linear: raw materials are used to manufacture the packaging and once the product has been consumed, the packaging is discarded, producing new waste. This model is not sustainable. 

We’re playing our part in accelerating the transition from a linear to a circular economy, by means of more sustainable packaging that can be reused. In other words, we’re creating innovative packaging and ensuring it can be recycled and reused, again and again, to manufacture new products. In this way, a discarded bottle can become a bottle again and avoid becoming waste. In January 2018, we committed ourselves to becoming a circular brand and transforming our packaging by manufacturing all our plastic bottles from 100% recycled PET by 2025.

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