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Protecting water resources

We owe everything to nature

It is our daily responsibility to preserve this pure and natural mineral water and its environment.

Over nearly 30 years, we have developed numerous initiatives with local communities to preserve water resources, particularly through the Association pour la Protection de l’Impluvium de l’Eau Minérale Evian (APIEME), co-founded in 1992.
This public-private partnership aims to reconcile regional development with preserving water resources. We’re taking action in three key areas:

  • preserving natural environments;
  • well-thought out regional planning;
  • supporting farmers to use sustainable practices that are kind to water quality and the environment.

Terragr’eau Methaniser

One of our many projects run jointly with the APIEME is to establish the innovative Terragr’Eau methaniser, which converts organic agricultural waste into natural biogas for use by local communities.

Beyond the environment, we are constantly investing in the community around us. A dedicated team of hydrogeologists works to ensure water resources are preserved. These scientists are the guardians of our aquifer (groundwater source): they collect and analyse samples regularly to check that it is renewed properly. Our commitment to source preservation runs deep. We never want to take more than nature can provide and replenish each year. 

Proud of our successes

As in 2008, when the Ramsar Convention, a UNESCO partner, designated the Evian impluvium wetland as having international importance.

This set of concerted and well-thought out actions are the focus of our mission to leave future generations a resource intact in terms of quality, quantity and taste. A distinctive taste with a unique mineral composition reflecting the land it represents.

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