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A brand committed to healthy hydration

Water is essential to life. It is the healthiest drink to hydrate yourself.

As adults, our bodies are about 60% water. It is the nutrient we consume most. It is an essential component of our body.

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Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink!

Water is essential for the body to work properly, for cells and tissues to form and function, to transport nutrients, to dispose of waste and to regulate body temperature.
What’s more, EFSA* experts have also confirmed that: “Water helps maintain normal physical and cognitive functions”.
Good hydration is therefore a necessary condition to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, and perform well.

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If water is essential to life, then proper hydration is essential for living well.

Every single thing we do–from opening our eyes in the morning to running a marathon–requires our bodies to work, and because water is one of the most important things our bodies need to fuel that work, we lose about 2.8L of water a day. And while 2% may not sound like a lot, this water must be replenished for us to feel and perform our best.

Nearly half–49% of all adults–don’t drink enough water to replace what’s naturally lost, and could benefit greatly from more water intake on a daily basis. Not hydrating enough can lead to dehydration and even slight dehydration can cause unpleasant side effects like:

– Poor physical performance
– Poor cognitive function
– Impacts mood and headaches

The only way to prevent dehydration is through–you guessed it–hydration, like drinking water.

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